Notice Date: 05/01/2021


Mistbox is discontinuing all Mistbox products effective immediately.


All support services have been discontinued and are no longer available.

Purchasing New Devices:

The official Mistbox online store will remain active and new Mistbox Gen II products will be available for purchase at a discounted price until stocks are liquidated. These products are being sold on an as-is basis with no warranties expressed or implied.

Mistbox online store (Gen II purchases)

Purchasing Accessories:

Accessories and parts have been transferred to a third party surplus reseller, and will be available while stocks last. The vendor details can be found below.

Note: The third party reseller is not affiliated with Mistbox; all enquiries regarding accessories and parts should be directed to the resale vendor.

Link to third party reseller’s online store

Third party reseller contact email

FAQ and support articles

Mistbox, Inc.

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