How do I know if my mistbox is working correctly?

Your mistbox is running correctly if you get a blinking blue light and mist on the mist test for 30 seconds.

Mist Test:

MAKE SURE YOUR AC UNIT IS OFF and water on. Press and hold the middle button for about 6-7 seconds then release. There should be a blinking blue light and mist when you release the button and it should last for about 30 seconds and then stop.

If the test is not working then most likely you will need a replacement battery.

How will my mistbox know when to mist if it is not connected to the mistbox server anymore?

Each control unit has onboard sensors that measure the outdoor temperature to know when to start cycling the mist on and off.

Why is my mistbox misting nonstop?

Your device should never be misting when the ac unit is not running. If it is misting nonstop the valve inside the device is stuck open which is most likely caused by a dead battery.

My spray nozzles are not spraying correctly

For the nozzles, you can take a fine needle (like for sewing) and poke it in and out to try free the Piston. (You can also try this while it's misting). If that doesn't work you can try soak it in vinegar and baking soda. ‚ÄčIf you are not able to get them working properly doing this, you can buy new ones at

My filter is leaking

The recommended pressure is 50-60psi, but will operate as low as 30ish. Anything 70+ may have issues.

To remove the filter, install the supply tubing and pull from the tubing while pressing on the release button.

Winter storage

The mistbox main control unit really only needs to be removed if there are freezing conditions. The other equipment such as spray bars and wind turbine can be left installed. However, you will want to remove the battery anytime that you will not be using your ac unit for an extended period of time. If you do decide to take the device off, store it in room temperature with the battery out.

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