Mistbox requires a permanent connection to a water supply in order to spray mist when your AC needs an efficiency boost.

When installing Mistbox devices on four or more AC units, there are several ways to set up the water lines, depending on how close together your AC units are positioned, and their distance to the nearest water faucet. 

First, watch the most basic water supply installation below for context.

The simplest installation is to connect Mistbox to a nearby water faucet using the included 8' water lead, as shown in the video above.

Start with the ACs that are positioned close together 

Ideally, you can connect as many Mistbox units as possible with one water line. Use a combination of the methods below to achieve this.

Two ACs, positioned near each other

When two ACs are positioned near each other (less than 5 feet), use a T splitter (line splitter) to split a water line that feeds both Mistbox devices.

This setup requires the following add-ons: (1) 30' line, (1) T splitter (line splitter)

Three ACs, positioned near each other

When three ACs are positioned near each other (less than 5 feet between each), use two T splitters and additional tubing to feed all three Mistbox devices.

Remove the adapter from each of the devices' 8 foot water leads. Insert the water leads into the bottom right of the control units. Connect two of the water leads into a T splitter, and the other 8 foot water lead into the other T splitter.

Measure how much you'll need between two T splitters, then cut part of your 30' line. Insert this piece of tubing between the T splitters. Connect the remaining tubing from the 30' line into the T splitter.

Use one of the removed hose adapters for the other end of the water line, and connect it to a water faucet.

This setup requires the following add-ons: (1) 30' line, (2) T splitter (line splitter)


Then connect any Mistbox units that are installed on single ACs

These Mistbox units likely need their own individual water line. The water connection for these Mistbox units will differ based on the distance to the nearest water faucet.

If the included 8 foot water lead is not long enough to reach the water faucet, use one of the methods below:

Using an additional 30 foot water line

Using a garden hose


Finally, consider using a Y splitter (hose splitter) shown below at your water faucets to connect more than one water line or to continue using your faucets for purposes other than Mistbox.


If possible, use this article to consider how you'll connect your Mistbox units to water before checkout. This way you'll have any additional parts you need during installation.

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