Mistbox is operating correctly if it mists during hot parts of the day when the AC kicks on and reports this to you on the dashboard at app.mistbox.com (after an hour from when the AC runs).

When should I expect it to mist?

Mistbox makes a decision to mist based on whether the AC is running or not and climate conditions like temperature and humidity. When your AC turns on, Mistbox wakes up and checks weather data. If the temperature is high enough and humidity low enough, it will mist.

Does it mist the whole time the AC is running?

Mistbox does not always run the entire time your AC is on. The mist may turn on and off during an AC cycle to create the most savings using the least amount of water.

When should I expect to see data on my dashboard at app.mistbox.com?

Expect to see data one to two hours after your AC has run with Mistbox. 

If this time has elapsed and you don't see data, but the misting test works, some time may be needed to allow the battery to recharge a bit more from the wind turbine. See this article for optimal wind turbine placement to ensure efficient charging.

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