Some AC units have a side without openings where the mistbar can be mounted.

In this case we recommend one of the following solutions:

  • Put two mistbars onto one side (ideal)

  • OR remove a mistbar and just mount three

Mount 2 mistbars on one of the sides

Clip two mistbars onto one side. You can select the longest side to do this or slightly stack the mistbars so they slightly overlap, but cover as much width of the panel as possible.

This is the ideal solution, since removing a mistbar reduces the amount of mist, therefore decreasing the potential for efficiency improvement. 

Remove one of the mistbars and only mount three

Start by familiarizing yourself with the mistbars. The first mistbar has a loose tube and connects to the control unit. The last mistbar has a valve at the end of it.

Remove the last mistbar by pressing into the push-to-connect fitting and pulling the tubing out of the third mistbar.

Then, remove the valve from the last mistbar and insert it into the third mistbar.

This video shows how to remove and insert the valve:

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