If Mistbox detects that there is a battery charging issue, there are a few potential causes. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue and quickly restore Mistbox to normal working order.

How to troubleshoot

Check the wind turbine placement.

The wind turbine will likely spin wherever you place it on the AC exhaust grille, but slight shifts in placement can cause dramatic differences in power generation. Use this article to ensure your wind turbine is in the optimal position.

Check the cable connection between the wind turbine and the Mistbox control unit.

To inspect the cable's connection to the Mistbox control unit, you will need to remove it from its bracket on the AC unit, using the Mistbox key included in your shipment.

For a proper connection, firmly push the plug into the control unit. The plug creates a tight seal with the housing, so it requires some force to be fully seated.

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